Hello world!

So here goes nothing – trying to figure out what to publish about me and lets face it its mostly for me, by me and about my views on stuff.


Might as well start with a little about myself.

Born in ’76, married with 3 kids living in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark.
I work for the danish NREN (Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation) and also some
for the company i2 (http://i2.dk) who primarily works with hosting, telehosting,
The Danish Internet eXchange and some facility management contracts.
My daily work consists mainly of IP, IPv4, IP-Security and general
server administration.

In the current constellation DeIC and i2 are subsidiaries of Technical University
of Denmark (DTU). Hence DTU is my employer.

My interests of sparetime includes playing ArmA3 with http://Tier1ops.eu
and a little Ingress (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92rYjlxqypM) and some Minecraft with the kids

I like OpenSource (not free – open) and stuff that works – so choose the right tool for the task. Although I’m generally not much in favor of Apple stuff – but I’m in no way religious about it. Favorite OS for the time being would be NetBSD for servers, Ubuntu for the desktop.
But I am running windows 7 on my workstation for a number of not very nice reasons.

I guess that was that for this time.


Kind regards,
Bo “BoSSMan_DK” Ståhle

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