I just flew Sopwith Camel in VR (IL-2 Sturmovik)

Take off, shoot at nothing, land.

Realism to “complex”, which is the best IL-2 Sturmovik can handle.

Take off, fly around a bit, burn out engine and an emergency landing without further damage to the aircraft 😎

Gave myself a few Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder pedals in birthdaypresent, it’s just a whole different world now. I also bought a old used Saitek X45 Hotas 1.5 year ago, now I wish I had a Hotas with split throttle, but it will probably just have to wait a little 😉
My problem with X45 is that there are just not enough buttons for example in DCS or rather for a TF-51’s there is, but if you now want to fly A-10C, so run out before you can get into the air. It may, in fact, be a little too realistic …