Got my Logitech Rechargable Trackpad (for mac) today

And I must say that so far it is better than I expected 😉

I came without power on the battery, but there is enough power in the G11 extra ports to charge it while using it.

Connected right away. There’s a download shortcut on the sticker that tells you how to power on and connect on the bottom of the device and (after a reboot) I could enable all the gestures. But the defaults where fine. (Oh, and it works without the software as well for default settings).

The USB charging cable-manager clips are cool, might have to use that on something else 😛


Oh and for those of you that know me – yes I’m venturing into new territory these days and learning OS X.
Figured it wa about time 😀

To all of those already married to Google

This little thing lets you mount your Google Drive on your computer

More installation confusion here:

There are also headless options, including a label function. Which allows one computer to have multiple accounts drive mounted.