VPS Providers

So I had this crazy idea to make a list of providers and kinda rate them.

Bytemark BigV

My first and what this blog runs on


  • 1 v4, 1 v6 in a /64 directly on the machine
  • £12 pr month (incl VAT) for 1GiB mem, 24GiB disk, 200GiB transfer
  • Command-line management client
  • Own or remote CD/.iso install
  • No bullshit clean images provided by Bytemark
  • Multiple users on same account (not that I need it for my private stuff)
  • Incredibly helpful support


  • UK Location only


Digital Ocean

Tried them for 16 hours (2014-02-05 – 06)


  • Dual location (Amsterdam + New York)
  • Cheap ($5 for 512MB mem, 20G SSD Disk, 1T Transfer)
  • Nice feedback system, not a lot of response …
  • Very easy to launch new machines
  • SSH Key deployment support
  • root password sent by email
  • Paypal payment


  • No IPv6 – like ever … current ETA = Don’t count on it
  • Invoice system is non-EU regulation compatible


Other to test

  • Edis.at – Iceland, Stockholm locations – Cheap
  • Hetzner – Germany only – €7.90 512MB mem, 20G disk, 1T transfer
  • OVH.co.uk – £4.99 512MB, 25G
    • 3 sites (2 french + 1 in Canada), 9 for £8.49 (US, Hong Kong, DE, ES, IT, FR)
    • Cons: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian only


Tell me more – I’d love to hear about others to test out …

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